For over 25 years, Galian has provided fashionistas with exceptional hand bags and accessories at affordable prices. We believe in creating indulgences without the high price tag, allowing every woman the opportunity to express herself through style and fashion. All of our bags are meticulously crafted from carefully selected materials with strong attention to color, textures, and details, producing items as unique as each individual that carries them. 

At Galian, we are driven by both our philosophy and our inspiration. We believe that a handbag is not merely an accessory or necessity, but rather, an extension of one's individuality. Each bag tells a story that represents the individual and accentuates their personality. Not only are our bags designed to compliment one's outfit, they are crafted to emphasize true personal colors and make a statement about who each woman is.

Rather than being dictated by fashion trends, we are motivated by a woman's essence and sense of self. Galian has witnessed the need for an individual to stand out, and we are constantly inspired by the passion and craving for self-expression. People are our inspiration and all of our designs are very fashioned with our customers in mind.